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We are the pioneers in India, to offer Integrated Mailroom Management Solutions.

Headquartered at Chennai, we at Avon, understand the unique needs and demands of today’s corporate seeking a sweeping transformation in their mailroom
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Inbound Mail Management
It is a myth, that inbound mails have nil cost....

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Outbound Mail Management
Mailing costs can be quite perturbing especially....

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Preprocessing of Mails
Mailroom is the gateway of communication for your....

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Business or personal, receiving mail is a very important routine of your working hours. But while doing so, it could be quite irksome.... Get More
Conventional mailroom solutions could be inappropriate, if you are a BPO or an IT company with a large white collar work force.... Get More
For sectors such as Banks, Insurance, Telecom with high branch network and high volume of inter branch mails, consolidating.... Get More
At Avon, we offer customized solutions to address the needs of various sectors.

Conventionally Banks, Insurance companies, Financial institutions, Large manufacturing companies, Educational institutions are the prime users.... Get More
Accenture - (A global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company)

Blue Dart - (India’s Leading courier company; Super brand of Year 2005; Now acquired by DHL) .... Get More
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