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Inbound Mail Management
It is a myth, that inbound mails have nil cost....

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Outbound Mail Management
Mailing costs can be quite perturbing especially....

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Preprocessing of Mails
Mailroom is the gateway of communication for your....

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At Avon, we understand that for a truly elevated approach to mailroom management, it is just not enough to
have good manpower and supporting software. What is needed is a genuinely custom designed
“INTELLIGENT MAILROOM MANAGEMENT SYSTEM & PROCESS” which ideally suits your kind of business & work
style and maps manpower and technology with the whole organization seamlessly.

Avon’s I-Map is purported to design specifically for your kind of business, a proficient & intelligent
mailroom management process. I-Map decides the kind of manpower required, extent of technology and
automation, mailing schedules, mail round schedules, etc and redesigns the entire work flow, the
complete layout of inbound mail management, out bound mail management, vendor management and other
value added services as it would deem fit.

Take for example our Front-end & Back-end mailroom concepts. Whereas front end mailrooms cater to
technology intensive businesses like IT, BPO, etc, back end mailrooms cater to mail intensive
businesses such as Banking, Insurance. Be it manpower or process or even the extent of technology
to be adopted varies between the two types. So I-Map intelligently custom designs what type of
mailroom suits your business the best.

I-Map also ensures that every activity of our processes achieve maximize efficiency to our client at every
stage, so that the client can be rest assured on best practices & procedures.
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