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Inbound Mail Management
It is a myth, that inbound mails have nil cost....

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It is a myth, that inbound mails have nil cost.

With rapid Corporate growth, you just cannot ignore the way your inbound mails are managed. Right from
the time taken to deliver mails till the rising number of lost/misused/misplaced mails, inbound mail
management is a point of grave concern to every organization.

Inefficiency in inbound mail management can be chaotic and directly affects Corporate productivity adding
substantially to irrecoverable Corporate costs. With mail also becoming another channel, threatening
Corporate Security, you cannot but opt for the best of business practices to stay ahead.

Avon’s inbound mail management is designed to offer total user delight by appropriately interspersing
technology and process enhancements. We bring the mailroom at your fingertips through technology.
That means no more queuing for mailroom queries. Right from complete data capture of all inbound mails,
till technology enabled proof of deliveries even for ordinary mails, we have taken care to offer our
clients every facet of an efficient inbound mail management.

User delight has been our mantra – be it our touch screen kiosks, designed to offer mail position to
employees in BPO’s or pre-processing mails which saves nearly 10% of productive time of middle management
employees in banking and insurance sector.

Inbound mails can be important business documents or ordinary personal mails. Irrespective of the type of
mail, inbound mail querying is one of the critical routine of employees in every organization.

On an average, employees in large organizations spend about 10 to 15 minutes of their time everyday in just
tracking their inbound mails. That is not a small number when your main concern is Corporate productivity.
With your rapid growth strategies your key employees cannot keep wondering how much more time to wait for
mail & mailroom information.

In sectors like Banking and Insurance, inbound mails are mostly critical businessdocuments from customers and other stakeholders. Any delay in internal delivery of such mails or misplacement can prove very disastrous sometimes, right from losing money till losing an all important customer. Similarly, in sectors like BPO’s where there is a high volume of personal mails, the time spent in mailroom querying can be totally non-productive. The employees may find it very exasperating to spend some of their prime time in just receiving their mails.

At Avon, we understand that all these could be highly de motivating and that, it is important to offer total
delight in the work environment. We treat employee time with utmost importance. So we ensure there is all
round efficiency in the way inbound mails are treated such as - all inbound mails are delivered with minimal
TAT , employees are reminded about unpicked/ undelivered mails, and there is a defined escalation mechanism
for unsolicited mails.

We have adopted many up to date technology solutions to enable employees know their mail position from the
very place of work whether it is within the premises or outside on a business trip - Such as recipients can
be reminded through e-mail, SMS regarding mail position, Mail info kiosks in common areas also provide mail
position on demand. Your employees on tour can even login from wherever they are onto our website to know
their mails or queries.

The real Benefit to our clients due to efficient inbound mail management, in most cases, if quantified, has
been more than 100% of our mailroom rentals.
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