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Inbound Mail Management
It is a myth, that inbound mails have nil cost....

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Outbound Mail Management
Mailing costs can be quite perturbing especially....

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Preprocessing of Mails
Mailroom is the gateway of communication for your....

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For sectors such as Banks, Insurance, Telecom with high branch network and high volume of inter branch mails,
consolidating and tracking mails are a big challenge. Independent mailrooms of various branches constantly
communicate with each other to update on mails sent and received, mails consolidated etc. These mails
include top priority business mails with emphasis on minimum TAT and immediate response.

Hence, it is highly important that all your mailrooms work in synchronization for you to harness the
benefits of mail consolidation and for total efficiency of mail communication links between your offices.
Avon Mailnet is aimed at enabling all your mailrooms work seamlessly. The salient advantages are: -
Enormous tangible cost savings through mail consolidation
Reduction in Corporate communication time
Reduction in lost & misused mails
Better traceability & accountability of all mail communications
Total control & monitoring of mailroom function from anywhere and anytime
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