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Inbound Mail Management
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Outbound Mail Management
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Preprocessing of Mails
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We commenced our operations as an intra-city courier player at Chennai, offering clients superior distribution
solutions. Despite the dormant mail market conditions then, our solution enabled corporates to resolve queries
instantly, cure databases, reduce frauds at zero additional cost.

Our first mailroom opportunity came by owing to the trust and confidence the industry always reposed on us
regarding our capabilities to offer futuristic solutions.

So in 1998-99, when the offer to manage the dispatch division of one of the prime multinational banks of India
came by, we offered a comprehensive solution that involved complete automation, better processes, and trained
manpower. Our solution reflected a sea change in their operations.

Originally what we offered to suit the basic needs of a bank is now a full fledged enterprise level solution
with total automation, complete synchronized working of all branch mailrooms and the latest technology
adoptions one could think of.

All our processes, training methodologies, software, technology integration, mail management expertise, quality
rigors followed are proprietary in nature.

Our solution has come long way now redefining, the very angle with which corporate look at their mailrooms.
Right from the front end & back end mailroom concepts till our pre-processing legs, every concept has created
true customer delight till date.
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