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Inbound Mail Management
It is a myth, that inbound mails have nil cost....

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Outbound Mail Management
Mailing costs can be quite perturbing especially....

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Preprocessing of Mails
Mailroom is the gateway of communication for your....

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Our strength lies in our approach & commitment to quality. Our dedication to quality, our technical innovation
and impressive process solutions create unsurpassed value for our customers.

We, not only endeavour, to offer a product that is high quality, but in the course, elevate our clients’ side
of business process to a near error free system. Many of our clients, already practicing highest quality rigors,
have further been benefited due to our proficient services.

Our customers always experience enhanced efficiency and productivity, shorter cycle times and improved quality
of service. All our solutions endeavour to transform the conventional mail related business operations from
drudgery to value add centres.

Our three pronged approach enable us to check on service quality at various levels – such as our people are well
trained and are capable of addressing any contingency / emergency in the best possible way, our processes
are not only industry specific but are customized to synchronize to the specific needs, routines and working
style of every organization we cater to. Every mailroom job is data captured and may finally become part of
critical feedback.

We constantly benchmark our performance levels to ensure total customer delight and that by itself has led
to lot of innovations in our solutions. Our extensive use of authentication technologies has also enabled
reduction in human errors to nil, reduced TAT of mail rounds, quick responsiveness of our employees as
also client employees.

Every process enhancement & automation initiative in our products is aimed to enable substantial tangible and
intangible savings to our clients. The objective of our solution always remains VALUE CREATION to our client
companies and that drives our quality.
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