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Inbound Mail Management
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Outbound Mail Management
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Preprocessing of Mails
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At Avon, we offer customized solutions to address the needs of various sectors.

Conventionally Banks, Insurance companies, Financial institutions, Large manufacturing companies, Educational
institutions are the prime users of professional mailroom service providers.

However, in India the requirements are different and requires innovative & intelligent customization. Whereas,
the solution is unique for every customer we handle, the types of mailrooms can be broadly classified as

Front-end Mailrooms address the mailroom requirements of manpower & technology intensive businesses such
as IT, BPO, etc. Front end mailrooms require manpower who are skilled and well trained. In front-end
mailrooms, client employees collect the mails from the mailroom and there is a high level of
employee-mailroom interaction. Therefore, all mailroom employees are trained to be well spoken, handle
employee queries, data entry and are technology savvy.

Back-end Mailrooms address the mailroom requirements of manpower & mail intensive businesses such as
Banking, Insurance, Telecom, etc. Back end mailrooms require manpower at various skill levels such
as field staff for mail rounds, data entry operators, Supervisory manpower for vendor interaction and
overall mailroom management. Training is imparted according to the skill levels.
Front end Mailrooms
Features are… Avon’s Solution
Emerging sectors with rapid growth Very technology intensive
Transnationals High quality manpower – well trained & skilled
Low mail vendor base Intensive mailroom & user interface through up to
Sophisticated systems date technology use
More inbound mails, so high mailroom interaction Total user delight & empowerment
High volume international mails and Low volume High intangible benefits
domestic mails
Back end mailrooms
Features are… Avon’s Solution
Conventional mailroom users Very manpower intensive
Rapid growth Moderate technology use; Process intensive
Multiple branch structure Combination of skilled and semi skilled manpower
High volume of outbound mails - domestic & inter Intensive vendor management practices
Branch mails Pre-processing of incoming mails
High mail vendor base High tangible benefits
Incoming mails – scope for pre-processing by
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