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Inbound Mail Management
It is a myth, that inbound mails have nil cost....

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Outbound Mail Management
Mailing costs can be quite perturbing especially....

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Preprocessing of Mails
Mailroom is the gateway of communication for your....

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When all your other departments are technology enabled, Mailroom can no longer afford to lag behind!!

At Avon, we endeavour to elevate your mailroom up-to-date in technology & Automation, and thus improve your
business communication speed and create a competitive advantage in the long run.

MailIT is our technology module which comprises of our proprietary Dynamic mailroom software plus up to date
technology devices for your mailroom. MailIT integrates as much of technology enablement as possible & is
required by your business such as Proof of delivery through PDA’s , Bio metric technologies and even RFID,
mailroom information kiosk for employee use in BPO’s, mailroom networking for multi branch structures.

The software is first of its kind with features, robust to handle not only a heterogeneous environment like
in India, but mail market peculiarities of many countries. The software is highly feature rich. Right from
capture of every mailroom activity, till high level reports such as mail usage pattern department wise, customer
communication tracking, timely reply reminders, cost allocation, the software spans the entire breadth of
possible management information.
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